£1 Hospital Organisation

Our organisation is comprised of dedicated people from all sectors and different countries beyond the barriers of colour, class, religion, party and politics. It comprised of a dedicated board and supported by VIP supports and a diverse advisory team in the UK and Bangladesh.

Our directors consists of a dedicated team of professionals who share  a common passion and dream to provide high quality healthcare to some of the word’s poorest and most needy people. Included in their ranks are marketing and healthcare professionals including two medical Doctors.

Together, they are passionate about turning a dream into a reality. They are passionate about changing the world for the better, offering helping hands to those who are less fortunate than ourselves through medical and healthcare services, ranging from essential front-line healthcare, to more sophisticated allergy testing and diagnosis.


£1 Hospital VIP Supporters

Mr Anwar Choudhury

Anwar Choudhury

Fmr Gov of the Cayman Islands

“The initiative of £1 Hospital to offer the health care to the disadvantaged people in Bangladesh is truly heart-warming. I understand the modern allergy diagnostic and treatment processes are unavailable. I wish the One Pound Hospital every success in their ventures.

Baroness IIora Finlay

Dr IIora G Finlay

Member of the House of Lords

“Having been previously heavily involved with allergy awareness, I understand the importance of bringing allergy awareness and training to Bangladesh and wish the £1 Hospital and Allergy Bangladesh every success in achieving this.”


Manzila Pola Uddin

Member of the House of Lords

‘I am happy to support the £1 Hospital which wish to deliver free healthcare to the patients  desperately in need in Bangladesh.

I wish the success of this noble project.’

Rushanara Ali MP

Rushanara Ali

MP, Bethnal Green and Bow

‘I am delighted to provide a message of support for the £1 Hospital as they celebrate their launch in January 2017. I congratulate £1 Hospital as they formally launch in January and wish them every success with achieving their extremely worthwhile worthwhile ambition’

Mr Stephen Morgan MP

Mr Stephen Morgan

MP, Portsmouth South

‘It is so important to have new and vital services in Bangladeshto help reduce the number of deaths with treatment and health managements we often take for granted here in the UK. I have my full support and with every success with this important venture.’


Flick Drummond

Former MP, Portsmouth South

‘I am delighted to support this £1 Hospital . I think this is a great idea and just hope we can raise a lot of money very quickly for it. Because we desperately need a hospital in such. So I am looking forward to support this charity.’

Cllr David Fuller

Cllr David Fuller

Fmr Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

“I am extremely pleased to be able to offer my support to the £1 Hospital charity and wish them very well with all their plans for the future.”

Cllr Ken Ellcome

Cllr Ken Ellcome

Fmr Lord Mayor of Portsmouth

MASSAGE: Portsmouth can proud be of this as its home land in is  this naval city. I am happy to support and share this message for support. I wish the £1 Hospital every success. 

Chris Lubbe

Mr Chris Lubbe

Int Inspirational Speaker & Fmr Secretary Nelson Mandela

“Having grown up under extreme apartheid in South Africa I know what its like to experience life at the poor end, extreme poverty and to feel downtrodden and second rate. For the poor and forgotten of this world, and to my friends at £1 Hospital, I wish you every possible success”

Mr Taz Choudhury

Mr Taz Choudhury

CEO Channel S UK

‘Human for human. I am impressed to observe the work of the £1 Hospital. It is an honour for me to have attended to the free medical camp and a real opportunity to donate some medicine to the poorest. My support will always to be toward the £1 Hospital’


Advisers In The UK & Bangladesh

Advisers In UK
Professor Jonathon Brostoff

Prof Jonathon Brostoff

Allergy and Immunology-Immunology

MASSAGE: It’s obviously a very great, saving health and a very worthwhile project. I wish this project in Bangladesh every success.

Professor Andrew

Prof Andrew

F Wall

MASSAGE: I am very pleased to offer my support for Allergy Bangladesh and their desire to bring world class allergy services to Bangladesh. I will certainly do what I can to help and I wish them great success!”

Dr Birgit Pees

Prof Birgit Pees


MASSAGE: I am happy to support the £1 Hospital, because it can make a huge difference to the disadvantage people in Bangladesh significantly.

Advisers In Bangladesh
Professor Moazzem

Prof Dr Moazzem Hossain

Director Thalassemia Hospital and Institute and at Filaria and General Hospital Savar, Dhaka

MASSAGE: I am really pleased to be a part of this noble initiative and my full cordial effort is always to this. Contact: moazzem.iacib@gmail.com


Mr Mohammad Abdul Wadud Chowdhury

Deputy Secretary Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bangladesh Secretariat

MASSAGE: It is an   opportunity to work as a member of the advisory board of this British Charity. I’m delighted and look forward to making valuable contributions here. Contact: wadud1975@gmail.com

Dr Mohammad Zahirul Islam

Asst. Prof Dr Zahirul Islam

Assistant Professor at National institute of ophthalmology & Hospital, Dhaka

This is an exceptional initiative, which is desperately in need for disadvantaged people. No doubt this project will help not only the people of Sylhet but Bangladesh. I urge everyone to come forward.