Aim & Objectives

  • Provide free healthcare support to the poorest in Bangladesh
  • Orphan & Elderly care for helpless.

Phase One: Started Since March 2017

Our target initially is to provide free consultations to the poorest people in Bangladesh. Since March 2017, via free Friday clinic we have delivering these services to the poorest every Friday at Biswanath Sylhet. All of these have been possible with help and support of generous people as like you. By this time, we have delivered free treatment more than 4000 patients and some of them had wheelchairs. In addition to this, we also have organised Free Medical camp in different locations and delivered the same support to mass patients.

Phase Two

Now we need your help to extend and continue outdoor services seven days a week.
Treatments/medicines to be paid for by the patient. Up to 100% of the cost of medicines may be claimed via a token system in some circumstances depending on the patient’s financial status.
In the event of a serious or critical finding by the consultant, the patient can then be referred directly to a hospital emergency department.

Phase Three

To establish a UK standard General Hospital at Biswanath, a suburb in Sylhet. Sylhet is a divisional city with about 10 million inhabitants in the north eastern region of Bangladesh.
The proposed name is ‘One Pound General Hospital Biswanath’ with outdoor, indoor and diagnostic services. However, Maternity, Pediatric, and Allergy, Asthma and Immunotherapy will be added on a priority basis. All specialist departments including education, training and research facilities will be added gradually. Paying clients’ fees would act as a revenue stream for the on-going costs of providing free consultation and testing for the poorest and possibly reduced cost or free travel tokens for those in remote areas.
In addition to these this charity has a plan to build an orphan centre for the orphan in need and & Care home for the helpless.