While your donation amount will be £10000 or above you will be honoured as a Patron/munificent donor of the ‘One Pound General Hospital Biswnath, Sylhet’ and your name with a passport size photograph will appear at the ‘Wall Of Honor’ at the proposed hospital reception area. It will be on the history of the hospital and all the publications including web sites.


You can be a Founder Member of the One Pound General Hospital Biswanath and your donation will be used to foundation work including land purchase. A Person who offers a donation of £1000 or more would be memorialised in our hospital reception on the ‘wall of honour,’ hospital history and website page. Upon completion your donation a read more

Honorable Patron

Mr. Samuj Ali

FP 01

Mr Samuj Ali is the first Founder Patron of the OPGH, who is an inspirational businessman at Petersfield in the United Kingdom. Mr Ali is originally of village Kazir Gow, at Biswanath Upozila in Sylhet. He is a true humanitarian and a generous donor. His donation amount is £10000

Petersfield, UK
Kazir Gown, Biswnath

Mr. Sana Miah

FP 02

Mr Sana Miah is the second Founder Patron of the One Pound General Hospital (OPGH) Biswanath, who is a magnificent businessman at London in the United Kingdom. Mr Miah is originally of village Chandborang at Biswanath Upozila in Sylhet. Mr Miah is a true humanitarian and a generous donor. His donation amount is £10000

London, UK
Baishghor, Biswanath

Mr. Suleman Khan

FP 03

Mr. Suleman Khan is the third Founder Patron of One Pound General Hospital (OPGH) Biswanath, who a successful businessman at London in the United Kingdom. Mr Khan is originally of village Shazir Gow, at Biswnath upozila in Sylhet. He is a true humanitarian and a generous donor. His donation amount is £10000

London, UK
Shazirgaw, Biswanath

Mr. Haji Siddek Ali

FP 04

Mr Haji Siddek Ali is a generous donor and a true humanitarian. He has secured 4th Founder Patron of the One Pound General Hospital (OPGH) Biswanath. Mr Ali is a resident of Halifax in the United Kingdom. He is originally of village Shazir Gow at Biswanath Upozila in Sylhet. His donation amount is £10000

Shazirgaw, Biswanath

Honorable Founder Member

1 Dr M S Ali

Dr M S Ali

FM 01

Portsmouth, UK
Kamalpur, Biswnath

2. Cllr Mohammed Ayas Miah

Cllr M Ayas Miah

FM 02

London, UK
Dhorarai, Biswnath

3 Dr M Mahbub Ali

Dr Md Mahbub Ali

FM 03

Portsmouth, UK
Uposhohor, Sylhet

4 Muhammad Abul Hashem

M Abul Hashem

FM 04

London, UK
Shimultola, Biswanath

5 Mr Moyeen Uddin

Mr Moyeen Uddin

FM 05

Shantinagar, Dhaka

6. Mr Ansar Habib

Ansar Habib

FM 06

Bradford, UK
Doulothpur, Biswanath

7 Moulana Serajul Islam Saad

Moulana S Islam

FM 07

London, UK
Kaligonj Bazar, Biswanath

8 Cllr Shah Suhel Ameen

Cllr S S Ameen

FM 08

London, UK
Elamer Gow, Biswanath

9 Sheikh Harun Roshid

Sheikh H Roshid

FM 09

Kent, UK
Ramdhana, Biswanath

10 Alhaj Abul Miah

Abul Hussain

FM 10

Coventry, UK
Chowdhury Gow, Biswanath

11 Mr Golam Sadat Jewel

Golam S Jewel

FM 11

Florida, USA

12 Mr Ashraf hossain

Asraf Hussain

FM 12

Cheltenham, UK
Dhormoda, Biswanath

13 Mr Muhammad Ali Salik

M Ali Salik

FM 13

Bradford, UK
Bawon Pur, Biswanath

14 Alhaj Jamir Ali

Alhaj Jamir Ali

FM 14

Portsmouth, UK
Tegra, Lala Bazar


E H Zillul (Late)

FM 15

Bristol, UK
Dhosghor, Biswanath

16 Alhaj Zillul Haque

Zillul Haque

FM 16

Bristol, UK
Dhosghor, Biswanath

17 M A Ahad

M Abdul Ahad

FM 17

London, UK
Shajir Gow, Sylhet

18 Mr Rahmat Ali Journalist

R Ali Journalist

FM 18

London, UK
Nowagoawn, Dhosghor

19 Muhammad Faruk Miah

M Faruq Miah

FM 19

East Sussex, UK
Shenar Gow, Biswanath

20 Mr Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed

FM 20

Northampton, UK
Shasram, Kurua

21 Alhaj Master Sirajul Islam

Alhaj M S Islam

FM 21

Khajansi union, Biswanath

22 Abdul Shafique Mokhon Khan

Abdul S M Khan

FM 22

Northampton, UK
Hamidpur, Bisawanath

23 Haji Arman Ali

Haji Arman Ali

FM 23

Oldham, UK

24 Mr Mohammmed Azizur Rahman

M Azizur Rahman

FM 24

Ilford, UK
Karikuna, Biswanath

25 Muhammad Mosrab Khan

Muhammad Mosrab Khan

FM 25

Ilford, UK
Shreedhor pur, Biswanath

26 Mr Alhaj Hasson Ali

Mr Alhaj Hasson Ali

FM 26

London, UK
Horikolos, Biswanath

27 Haji Abdul Noor

Haji Abdul Noor

FM 27

London, UK
Ramdhana, Biswanath

28 M A Salam

Mr M A Salam

FM 28

Illford, UK
Alongkari, Sylhet

29 Mr Mohammed Abdun Noor

Mr Mohammed Abdun Noor

FM 29

Philadelphia, USA
Islamabad, Biswanath

30 Mr Mohammed Shamsul Islam

Mr Mohammed Shamsul Islam

FM 30

Portsmouth, UK
Kamal Bazar, Dokhin Surma

31 Mr Mohammed Abdun Noor

Mr Mohammed Abdun Noor

FM 31

London, UK
Shimultola, Sylhet

32 Abu Bakar Muhammad Siddik

Abu Bakar Muhammad Siddik

FM 32

London, UK
Telikuna, Biswanath

33 Master Shah Mostab Ali

Master Shah Mostab Ali

FM 33

Oldham, UK
East Kaupur, Biswanath

34 Late Haji Mokoddus ALi

Late Mokoddus Ali

FM 34

London, UK
Bawonpur, Biswanath

35 Mr Mohammed Noor Miah

Mr Md Noor Miah

FM 35

Rochdale, UK
Aashugonj Bazar, Biswanath

Mohammed Jamal Uddin

M Jamal Uddin

FM 36

Oldham, UK
Alongka, Biswnath

FM 37 Mr Abdul Bari

Mr Abdul Bari

FM 37

London, UK
Ali Nogor, Lala Bazar

38 Mr Akthar Hussain

Mr Akthar Hussain

FM 38

Portsmouth, UK
Mirerchor, Biswanth

39 Mr Mohammed Arif Ullah

Mr Mohammed Arif Ullah

FM 39

London, UK
Doulotpur, Biswanath

40 Cllr Mrs Ayesha Chowdhury

Cllr Mrs Ayesha Chowdhury

FM 40

London, UK
Shordar Para, Biswanth

41 Mr Raju Miah

Mr Raju Miah

FM 41

London , UK
Motuk Kuna, Biswanath

42 Mr Dilwar Hossain

Mr Dilwar Hossain

FM 42

London, UK
Shimul Tola, Biswanth


Mrs Rokeya Begum

FM 43

Bristol, UK
Shimultola, Biswanath


Mrs Zohura Bibi

FM 44

Bristol, UK
Shimultola, Biswanath

45 Mr Kkhaled Masud Roney

Mr Khaled Masud Roney

FM 45

London, UK
Ramdhana, Biswanath

46 Moulana Mohammed Ruhul Amin

Moulana Ruhul Ameen

FM 46

Luton, UK
Shingerkatch, Biswanath


Mr Md Ala Uddin

FM 47

Somerset, UK
Alongkari(West), Biswanath

FM48 Mr Golam Osmani

Golam Osmani

FM 48

Manchester, UK
Osmani Nogor, Sylhet

49 Mr Hasan Ali

Mr Hasan Ali

FM 49

New Castle, UK
Kamalpur, Biswanath

50 Mr Saiful Alom

Mr Saiful Alom

FM 50

New Castle, UK
Ramdhana, Biswanath

51 Mr muzammil Ali

Mr Muzammil Ali

FM 51

Swindon, UK
Bishghor, Biswanath

52 Mr Ashikur Rahman f

Mr Ashikur Rahman

FM 52

Heston, UK
Dondopani Pur, Biswanath

Mafiz Khan

Mr Mafiz Khan

FM 53

Birmingham, UK
Hamidpur, Biswanath

54 Mrs Hasna Begum

Mrs Hasna Begum

FM 54

Birmingham, UK
Dhormoda, Biswanath


Haij Azman Ali

FM 55

Birmingham, UK
Guahori, Biswanath


Mrs Sofina Bibi

FM 56

Birmingham, UK
Guahori, Biswanath


Mr Habib Ulla

FM 57

Birmingham, UK
Shingerkach, Biswanath


Mrs Alhaj Anwara Begum

FM 58

Birmingham, UK
Poshchimbag, Biswanath

Moulad Hossain

Mr Moulad Miah

FM 59

Luton, UK
Soruwala, Biswanath

Lukman Uddin

Mr Lukman Uddin

FM 60

Southend-on -Sea, UK
Pakhisree, Biswnath

Shiraz Uddin

Mr Siraj Uddin

FM 61

London, UK
Biswanather Gow, Biswanath

Mr Monir Ahmed

Mr Monir Ahmed

FM 62

London, UK
Mohammadpur, Biswanath

63 Mohammad A Miah

Mr Mohammad A Miah

FM 63

Ashford, UK
Shimultola, Biswanath

64 M A Rouf

Mr M A Rouf

FM 64

London, UK
Tukerkandi, Biswanath

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-06 at 7.40.28 PM

Lord Jahangir Khan

FM 65

Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Lawai Dokhin Surma, Sylhet

66 Shah Mohammad Elhan